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  • Measuring the intangible – Valuation issues in health care transactions

    March / April 2009
    Newsletter: Valuation & Litigation Briefing / Litigation & Valuation Report

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    Abstract: In the highly complex and heavily regulated world of health care, business valuations can be particularly challenging. This article looks at a recent U.S. Tax Court decision, Derby v. Commissioner, that illustrates this point. The case involved the sale of a medical group to a not-for-profit health care organization. The group claimed charitable tax deductions resulting from the transaction but the Tax Court denied the deductions, concluding that the physicians were unable to show that the value of what they received was less than the value of what they transferred. The article discusses the ins and outs of the case, noting that the court’s decision demonstrates that valuation in the context of a health care transaction requires a valuator to look at intangible benefits and other relevant terms of the deal. Case citation: Derby v. Commissioner, (T.C. Memo 2008-45).

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