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Worry-free online tax guide

With WebTaxGuide, you don’t have to worry about keeping your online tax guide up-to-date. You just post a link on your website, and we automatically update this electronic tax planning guide whenever important tax law changes affect it. WebTaxGuide features a choice of brand-ready splash page designs, engaging content, easy navigation to specific subjects, optional banner ads, and helpful charts, FAQs and tax act summaries. And you can proactively push it out to clients with the Flex-E-TaxGuide email option.


The tax guide of “choice”

Our print/PDF Tax Planning Guide gives you more choice and value than any other. Choose from several customizable cover designs, full- and pocket-size formats, and content for either general or high-net-worth taxpayers — only PDI Global offers a guide for this lucrative market! This proven marketing and client communication tool features an image-enhancing design, reader-friendly page layout, and numerous charts, case studies and “What’s New?” sidebars, as well as tax rate schedules. Check it out!


Time-saving Seminar-in-a-Box

Tax seminars are a proven way to build and strengthen client relationships. But putting together a seminar presentation can be a time-consuming chore. Our ready-to-use Tax Seminar-in-a-Box gives you a professionally developed PowerPoint® tax planning seminar presentation — featuring more than 100 slides, complete with speaker notes — that enables you to conduct tax seminars quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Personalize the slides with your firm’s logo and contact information, edit the presentation as you like, and go!