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Go deep – Superficial overviews won’t pass muster in patent infringement cases


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Abstract: Valuators are often hired to quantify patent infringement losses. This may involve estimating lost profits or determining reasonable royalties due to the inventor. But according to recent U.S. Federal Circuit court decisions, conclusions based solely on outdated rules of thumb or superficial overview of the Georgia-Pacific factors no longer pass muster. This article cites recent court decisions that shed light on the in-depth analysis now deemed necessary in determining patent infringement losses and royalty rate calculations. Uniloc USA Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, 632 3d. 1292, 1315, Fed. Cir. Jan. 4, 2011. WhitServe LLC v. Computer Packages Inc., Case Nos. 2011-1206, 1261, Fed. Cir. Aug. 7, 2012. Georgia-Pacific Corp. v. U.S. Plywood Corp., 318 F. Supp. 1116, 1120, S.D. N.Y. 1970.

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